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Huazhen Biosciences (HZ-Bio) is a company specialized in non-human primate (NHP) research. Our mission is to provide research models and services to the biomedical research community and bio-pharmaceutical industry.  HZ-Bio is a sister company of Huazheng Laboratory Animal Breeding Centre (HZ-Lab). HZ-Lab has more than 20 years of NHP breeding experience and is an AAALAC accredited facility. HZ-Lab owns one of the largest NHP colony in the world (>30,000) and consistently provides large number of best quality NHP to the US and Europe for standard laboratory use.  Leveraging the rich NHP resources and animal breeding experience of HZ-Lab, HZ-Bio has been investing significant efforts in research model establishment and providing a variety of disease models to the research communities.

• Scheme has been established to screen the large aged population in the colony to identify animals with spontaneous diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance, obesity, dyslipidemia, osteoporosis and other age-related abnormalities

• Established diet induced dysmetabolic models. Large scale (500 animals) efforts has been initiated to provide a constant supply for research organizations

• In collaboration with academic labs and biotech companies, HZ-Bio is establishing NHP models of NASH, Endometriosis, IBD and others

• HZ-Bio is also exploring the establishment of chemical induced carcinomas in NHPs to provide a better model for immuno-oncology

• In addition to animal holding, HZ-Bio operates in a state-of-art NHP vivarium with surgery, imaging and biochemistry capabilities

• HZ-Bio is headed up by a veteran of biopharmaceuticals and has a team of experienced researchers specialized in NHP research

• HZ-Bio has been conducting numerous research projects for biopharmaceuticals from the US in the last 2 years

HuaZhen Biosciences

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